Current Resident Creative Types


At its core, The Sour Jerk Company is a food and design collective. Odd for a hot sauce we know, but as the sauce developed, so did our respect for the bottle..... i know right?


 Based in West London, Sour Jerk works with an artistic community composed of amateur and professional creatives. (Photographers, Artists, Designers and Film makers and the like..) 


These Jerks we work with give the sauce its strength and its unique quality. No two inked bottles the same, we love seeing what people will dream up when given a plain black bottle. 

Charlie Todman / Co-founder



London based purveyor of hot sauce.

Can't use social media, can draw on bottles. 





Keir joined early on and is mainly tasked with reigning in some of Charlie's more unrealistic ideas

- not always successful

Hannah/ Resident Artist


Creative Type A

Sour Jerks hardest working resident artist, new bottles each week and the quality to match.   

Emily Jefferson

We have been a fan of Emily's work for a while now and we were equally as persistent in our pestering of her to have a go at some bottles and for good reasons.

The creatures Emily creates are unique and full of character, a match made in heaven for Sour Jerk....

We hope you like them as much as we do. 


Rodrigo/ Enigma

Couldn't resist the urge to map out a bottle for us. We love what he came up with.