"Emily 3/3" - Sour Jerk Hot Mango Sauce In A Hand Painted Bottle

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"Emily 3/3" - Sour Jerk Hot Mango Sauce In A Hand Painted Bottle


Our Hot Mango Sour Jerk Sauce all dressed up



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"Emily 3/3" Created by Emily

We like to give a little loving to the vessel in which our sauce resides and are particularly happy to bring you three awesome bottles from local artist Emily Jefferson.

The unique series includes "Emily 3/3", hand painted 330ml bottle filled with our hot mango sauce. 

See below for ingredients and further details.

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Please note that as all bottles are one of a kind, you are opting for this particular bottle displayed above.

Ingredients: Mango 51.5%, Carrot, Onion, Garlic, Chilli, Vinegar, Sugar, Limes, Lime Zest, Salt

Dietary information: No artificial colours or preservatives


Shake well before use, once opened, use within 8 weeks

Once the sauce is all gone, carefully rinse to avoid damaging the inkwork. not dishwasher friendly.